Oil on Canvas: Still Life and similar themes

Most recent works are at top. Click image to enlarge.
The six square 12 x 12 paintings were done for the 30 x 30 Show at the Ann Arbor Art Center in 2012, a fundraiser for their Art for Youth program. Thirty artists each did thirty works in fifty days flat. Contrary to what the original announcement said, the work was sold right off the wall to the checkout counter without the promised exhibition time.
As a result, I don’t know who bought several of these, some of which are still special favorites of mine. Fortunately, others were “aimed at” and bought for good friends by another good friend.
Two paintings 46 years apart share a subject: the violin assembled for me by my older brother. The 2012 painting shows it after overhaul by an expert; a friend posed as the “gypsy.”