Scotland Photography by David S. Hoornstra

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Brought up in the Scottish tradition, I’d read The Scottish Chiefs and every like thing I could get hold of. So when I saw Howard Bond’s brochure at the local custom lab offering a Scotland photo tour for advanced students only, I called him up.
His tour looked wonderful, based at Penkill Castle, haunt of the old Pre-Raphaelites and owned by a Detroit lawyer friend.

But my credentials and camera fell short of Howard’s ideas, so I decided to do my own tour. My best friend, who had traveled several weeks over there, offered to be my “camera gillie.” We had an unforgettable two weeks, the surprising climax of which was a warm welcome by the MacLachlans, one of “my” three clans.

I shot 1500 frames of Kodachrome and a couple dozen 4 x 5s. On our return I had a one-man show at Ian’s Patisserie in Ann Arbor.