Photography by David S. Hoornstra


I don’t claim to be a “fine art” photographer. Maybe a pretty-good advanced amateur. When I started high school in 1960, already a journalism major, I determined to learn every job on the  paper. My older brother, shooting for the local daily, took me along. With the school’s Speed Graphic press camera, I shot the gamut from sports to department-store fashion ads, all in black-and-white of course.

In the public library, I discovered Weston, Adams and European art photographers, so, about the same time I started painting, I began to get an idea about how one image created with a camera can be fine art and another can’t. It’s a matter of intent, desire, effort.

At Lake Superior State (1965) I shot for the yearbook, adding human interest and enough darkroom work to my skill-set to win a part-time photographer job, with darkroom, on a ship in the US Coast Guard (while an electrician). My west Pacific tour was priceless.

I came to the University of Michigan art school in 1973 to be a painter, but also studied photography with Professor Phil Davis, whose book is respected by pros. He challenged us veterans to go beyond our service experience, and I loved it.
In 1980 I did an independent photo tour of Scotland with both 4 x 5 and 35mm. My later England photos are all 35mm. 

With an Ann Arbor agency in the 1980s, we used a 4 x 5 and a Hasselblad, working with models and locations shooting new car brochures for Oldsmobile, accessories for GM and other automotive clients. I’m still shooting landscapes and incidental work and looking forward to getting my 8 x 10 Eastman View camera in action.

Whether “fine-art” or not, the imagery I’m ready to offer as prints for your wall are in the Print Gallery. Some also appear in viewing-only galleries presented for the interest people have expressed. 

Viewing galleries

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13 photos– more to come

These shots from Scotland are from a 1980 tour. There are 4 x5 B & W and 35 mm Kodachrome. Prints are available from some of the best. 

Hawaii and west

21 images – more to come

The US Coast Guard has always taken photographers where no one else gets to go. These are from a two-year tour on a slow boat to China... literally.

Other Places of Interest

19 images – more to come

An eclectic mix of places and events, some suitable for framing, most far better as photos than they could ever be as paintings. 19 pix.

Advertising Photography

7 images – more to come

Many of these are definite blasts from the past. Using large-format cameras and transparency film with no Photoshop safety net.

Action Figures

10 images – more to come

My years of swordplay and medieval re-creation have yielded some interesting pix. Fencing photography requires knowing anticipation.