Illustration – Natural & Digital Media 

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When I was young, some of my favorite painters were illustrators like Norman Rockwell and especially N. C. Wyeth and, who brought imaginary people and their actions to life, but I was really fascinated by reconstructed views of ancient Rome. I didn’t take apart alarm clocks like my engineer-to-be older brother, but I was mechanically inclined and loved cutaway views of engines and other technological marvels. Later I came to love the challenge of making real objects more comprehensible through the many methods of both natural-media and computer-based illustration.
While I really like every image on this page, I am most proud of my latest, poster work for Iolanthe, doing homage to two favorite designers, Alphonse Mucha and Auguste Pugin. The only scratchboard drawing I have ever done is also here, the two-page visual explanation of cargo operations on Coast Guard Cutter Kukui, 1971.

Search items on page above: Dover Castle ( for a book by Jeffrey Forgeng); USCGC Kukui WAK-187; Wind Turbine illustration; metal disintegration illustrations; Traditional Japanese Archer; France circa 1400.