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In my youth, before I learned that Fine Artists were supposed to sneer at mere “commercial” art, I considered design, especially architecture, every bit as worthy. Some of my favorite painters were illustrators like N.C. Wyeth and Norman Rockwell (see “Saturday Evening Problem” below). Or designers like da Vinci. Due to fear of math, I let pass the architecture challenge but never quit thinking of it as my true calling. I gladly accepted commercial art jobs in high school and college. The happiest paid workdays I can recall were spent working on restaurant and tourist mall designs.
Later, when I could not afford to finish my BFA, I found myself pretty well prepared to return to commercial work.
Presented here are some of my favorite design commissions, including a building still in use fifty years later.
I’m especially pleased with my latest, the Iolanthe poster for a 2018 production. Starting with rough pencil imported into Photoshop, placed into an Illustrator file for the graphics and then painted in watercolor, it used nearly all my tools. More about that in the
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