I do my best work on commission. Here’s what my clients have said:.

Barabara Henk

Shelby Twp MI
"Incentive" Yacht painting

“I am amazed at the realistic depiction... That water ... what can I say? My husband and I are thrilled with the painting.
David helped me focus on the decision from the beginning and kept me informed of his progress throughout. ... It being a surprise gift made things more complicated but he managed to communicate without giving it away. Above and beyond!” 

Tammy and Alan Jager

Holton, MI
Four barn paintings

"I see the painting as wonderful and wonder how you know how to paint it in such a way with that we want. I mean we give you the foundation ...and then we change the scenery around and you are only guessing and you do that so very well."

Gary Freedman

Atlanta GA
Karvian Kirkko, Finland

“The roofs are amazing!  Looks like a lot of detail work which you have obviously mastered.  Still love your clouds and trees, but the roofs are a standout... he hasn't a clue about what's coming!  That, with your skill, will make Christmas very memorable.”

Ramona Mooney

Lansing MI
La Damoyesque “French Impressionist” landscape

“David re-created this painting for me from a fuzzy thumbnail we saw online... It was an experience hard to recreate any other way. The fact that it is a long lasting oil painting is suited to how long I want it to be in my life. Every time I look at it I remember that special feeling.”

Michellee Speirs

Old Lyme CT
Owner of two 2012 maritime paintings

 “You continue to amaze me! I love your work. This will be a fantastic tribute to your talent!!”