I do my best work on commission. Here’s what typically goes into a project.
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Top quality materials

I use top-quality paints, solvents and additives on commercially-prepared canvases stretched on knot-free softwood frames to last for centuries. 

Source Material

I work from the best information available. In the case of Karvia Kirkko, for instance, the client provided a postcard and some detail snapshots.


The client’s idea is always the main thing. If I can provide inspiration from the history of art, that's a bonus. When desired I will try to replicate styles.


I use photography but never trace or transfer. We discussed which attributes to include before doing photos in this subject’s favorite retreat.


I work harder on commissions than on anything of my own. Imagining how you’ll tell your friends the story of your masterpiece motivates me to excel.


No limit, no fine print, only fine painting. I work on your project until it blossoms into the piece you dreamed of. Only then is your final payment due.