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  • CGC Kukui, West Pacific, 2007
  • Delhi Rapids in Winter, 2014
  • Delhi Rapids in Winter II, 2017
  • Five Swans, 2016
  • Gut Trinken und Essen, 2013
  • Magura Woman, 2010
  • Miller Barn, 2015
  • Miller Barn Two, 2016
  • Pride of Baltimore II, 2015
  • Seagull  (Mystic Seaport CN) 2015
  • The Red Boat ( Jamestown RI) 2015
  • Totally, 16 x 20, 2016
  • Iolanthe Poster, 2017
  • Alex’s Sword
  • Incentive (Tiara), 2017

David Stuart Hoornstra
Painter, photographer, designer, illustrator, writer

December 2017
Welcome to a showing of my best art – about 50 paintings in five galleries.
Only about ten originals are available for purchase, but prints are available for many. 
I hope you’ll consider owning one – or more.  There are also 120 photographs, some frameable.  
I paint to celebrate beauty, tell a story or both. Since I haven’t really gotten over my two years
 at sea
maritime subjects are high on my list.  
 I don’t finish many major works per year. So this website is not updated all that often. 
But I do send out email updates to announce new works a few times a year. You can sign up for
those below.
I promise not to pester you every week about what’s outside my studio window. 
To see what’s going on more often, visit my Facebook page. 

Many people want to meet the artist before buying. I don’t do many art fairs; consider a studio visit.
To consider purchasing or commissioning an original, see the Owning Art section below. 
Right now is a great time to commission a portrait of your yacht.   
For high-quality Reproductions/Greeting Cards and Fine-Art Photo Prints, buttons are above.  
Scroll down for galleries of Illustration, Design and Photography including Alex Gleason’s Metalwork.
The special gallery My Life as an Action Figure highlights my adventures in swordplay,
history and medieval studies

Galleries 1 - 5: Oil Painting

Clicking thumbnail opens the gallery in a new window


Oil on canvas


Oil on canvas


Oil on canvas and panel


Oil on canvas and other natural media

Still Life, Floral, etc.

Oil on canvas

Owning art: Originals, Commissions and Reproductions

Owning an original

An original oil painting should do what a photo cannot. Even the best “giclée” print on canvas cannot match the subtlety and intensity of real oil paint. Capturing the transparency of glazing effects is simply not possible, not to mention the three-dimensional quality of impasto. And even the best print will fade before oil paint, which can keep its glow for centuries. 
The Provenance sticker on your original will remind you to have the painting revarnished once every century. Varnish is not as durable as oil paints once they have polymerized, about six months of drying time. Varnish should not be applied before then.
The “Originals Available” button takes you to a gallery. The “Originals/Price List” PDF has more details about buying a painting.

Purchasing a reproduction

If for whatever reason you cannot own the original, a reproduction is a good choice. “Reproduction” implies matching the original as closely as can reasonably be done.* My printers use “Giclée” technology to print in high resolution directly on real canvas, with a no-fade life well over a century. At a glance, with a coat of varnish, these reproductions can be mistaken for an original. That’s why I add a data block at the bottom of the image so the information shows on the back as shown above. NOTE: with “giclée” there is no limit to the number of perfect prints. Thus the only value in a numbered, hand-signed “limited edition” is based on artificial scarcity. I don’t do that.
* If the original is on canvas, so is a reproduction. If you print it on paper, it’s only a photo, not a reproduction, of the original.

Commissioning a new work

I work harder on commissions than on anything of my own. Imagining how you’ll tell your friends the story of your masterpiece motivates me to excel. No limit, no fine print, only fine painting. I work on your project until it blossoms into the piece you dreamed of. Only then is your final payment due.
I work from the best information available. You might only have a postcard and some detail snapshots. For the Miller Barn series I researched what wildflowers bloomed in that county at that season. For portraits, I often do photography and show you a good idea of how the final painting will look before touching canvas. The photography is reference only, never traced or transferred.
I use top-quality paints, solvents and additives on commercially-prepared canvases stretched on knot-free softwood frames to last for centuries.

Other Galleries

Work in progress

Recent works showing stages in their creation


Illustrator, Photoshop, natural media and combinations


Galleries in progress: images from the West Pacific, Britain, America


Advertising concepts, artifacts, even buildings. 

My Life as an Action Figure

Fencing, Swordplay, History, Medievalism and the Sea

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